As the founder and CEO of Invade, Kent has brought a number of Singapore’s favourite pop-ups to life, including the fan favourite Artbox.

A passionate entrepreneur with a flair for revitalising retail spaces, Kent shares more about his journey and future plans in the ever-changing world of retail ??

This month’s featured interest group leader is none other than Matthew Lim – founder of WE! Interactive, and CCO of Whisky Cask Club.

Click in to read more about Matthew’s passion for whisky, and the work he does at Whisky Cask Club ??

In the recent *SCAPE Creative Fellowship Demo Day, three industry experts provided their insights on how the next wave of innovation for start-ups will be centred around the themes of AI, Web3 and sustainability.

Click in to read how the latest technology is changing up the healthcare & entertainment industry??

The Swish team recently hosted an engaging fireside chat between Sam Huber and Vitaliy Nachaev, as they drew on their extensive industry experience to demonstrate how the virtual world can help governments and organisations expand their reach.

In case you missed it, here’s a quick recap ??

This month’s People of Swish features the exceptionally talented Dr Loretta Chen of Smobler Studios. 

Click in to read how the arts, education and creativity play a critical role in shaping the Metaverse ??

On this week’s edition of People of Swish, we caught up with Sheryl – our resident marketing maestro and the leader of Swish’s 好 Lobang (Good Lobang) interest group.

Click in to uncover the best bargains from this savvy shopper??

Joezer Ivan started off as the sole front-end developer of the Swish team, where he worked hard to rebuild the Swish web app from scratch.

Read on to learn how agility and a strong sense of ownership contributed to the success of Swish’s first big revamp ??

Today’s ‘Who’s Swish’ features Steve Settle, Managing Director of CFO Centre Asia.

Click in to read more about how having an experienced CFO can steer businesses to adopt strategic solutions catered to their needs ??

People of Swish is a new content series highlighting the friendly faces behind our Swish community.

Get to know your fellow Swishers better, starting with Sofy Rahman – the Community Manager of Swish ?

Recently, we’ve had the privilege of hosting Mr Andeed Ma, President of the Risk and Insurance Management Association of Singapore (RIMAS) to share more about proper risk-management in Web3.

In case you missed it, here’s a quick recap ??