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Introducing Swish. An employee experience app for the modern workplace. Join Swish and start building a positive workplace culture today.

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Keep it Pro-Fresh.

"OMG did I just message Cleo, or the CEO?!"
Stay cool with Swish, where you can chat with your industry peers and colleagues, without mixing your work and personal life.

Navigate tomorrow with us.

Our curated content feed helps you stay up to date with the latest technology and business trends,
leadership and wellness tips.

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From Watercooler Chats to Work Convos.

Whether you're navigating remote work or collaborating in cross-functional teams, Swish bridges the gap.

Our Interest Groups cater to both shared professional growth, and common hobbies and passions. Connect with co-workers for projects, post-work hangouts, and every shared moment in between.

Exclusive events at your feet...
and fingertips.

Host online events or discover curated ones offering access to thought leadership and professional development. We’re all about learning while having a great time.

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