Swish Helps You
Build Communities
At Work.

The team at Swish are on a mission to help companies build communities at work with employee experiences based around Connection, Communication, Collaboration, Culture and Continuous Learning.

Available on web and mobile,
Swish provides access to
culture-building tools, shared interest groups, valuable trends and news, productivity tools and exclusive events, all within an enjoyable
and rewarding environment.

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Building A Positive Workplace

At its core, Swish helps you foster a culture of recognition and appreciation through virtual gifts.

  • Promote participation and employee engagement with Crystals, which can be spent on a variety of virtual gifts.
  • Organisations are also able to provide micro-rewards to their employees in-time and context through GEMs, an employee rewards program operated by Swish.


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Connect & Communicate

Swish makes both peer-to-peer and group communications seamless.

  • Keep your work and personal life separate with Swish’s fully encrypted group and direct chats.
  • Connect with co-workers for projects, post-work hangouts, and every shared moment in between, with our Interest Groups.
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Make Learning Easy

Swish offers exceptional learning opportunities through our curated feed, featuring infographics, interactive polls and video content.

  • Swish helps you stay up to date with the latest technology and business trends, leadership and wellness tips.
  • Discover curated events which offer access to thought leadership and professional development opportunities.

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